The Mynah Project is a multi-day convening of underrepresented Creative Leaders, as well as recognized rising stars working in the fields of Television, Tech, Film, Media, Advertising,
and the Arts.

This curated summit will go beyond “diversity” and disciplines to amplify our collective voice, and create in bigger and bolder ways.



The Parker,
Palm Springs

October 9th - 12th, 2017

As a group, we represent those with the talent, qualifications, and convictions to have a voice in creating our culture.

We are globally aware and culturally fluent.  

We are working both as Creators and in services around Creative Fields: Art Directors, writers, designers, and marketers as well as publicists, lawyers, venture capital, and finance.

Mynah is a forum for the makers, visionaries, movers and shakers who have claimed a seat at the table. 

It's a celebration of Voice. 

We are shedding boxes and linear paths, and embracing a new conversation. 

We are gathering across disciplines, fields of service, and identities to forge a broader, more powerful, creative community. 

We are gathering to increase our social capital through a broader network of fellow creative leaders.

Our name comes from the Mynah, or Starling, bird known for its beautiful, seemingly random migration patterns. 

Though small, they draw power from numbers, while their necessary connectedness creates spontaneous beauty and forward motion.

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We believe smaller groups create deeper connections, and our common bonds can lead to uncommon revelations.

Our programming is designed to drive meaningful conversations amongst a group of attendees, where everyone brings something of value.

Thought Leaders will be be on hand to facilitate conversations around topics of relevance to the Mynah community, but our mission is to assemble a group of peers where despite differences in age or industry, everyone is a valuable player in the Mynah experience.